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         When people start talking about football around me




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After the news about Tito, the trophies we lost this season don’t even matter anymore. This is something bigger. I would trade all the trophies we’ve won in the last three years to have Tito back healthy and happy. This isn’t fair, someone like him should not be taken from this world so quickly, leaving a family behind. I can’t imagine what Adria must be going through, all of my strength and support to him. This puts everything into perspective, this is something bigger than football.


Dear Tito, thank you so much. How much have we learned from you, especially in the last months! It has been a pleasure for all of us who shared conversations, meetings, meals, a cup of coffee or a beer with you. And in each one of those occasions you gave us life lessons. Through your words, one could see you were worried, but not about yourself or for your health: you were worried about your family, about Montse, about your children, Carlota and Adrià. You were worried about their future and their well-being, because you didn’t want to see them deprived of anything when you left them. You were also worried about the future of your friends, Jordi, Aureli, Jaume and many more, but you were also interested in share your experience and professionalism to ensure Barça’s future, from the first team to the youth teams.

Your generosity was great, and from all the people I have known there are very few who can be compared to you. You were always thinking of others and giving them the spotlight until your last breath. We talked about it many times, Tito, and it’s just like we said: you have planted and sown their friendship. Your friends, who are many and good ones, are with you, and there’s no need for you to worry, because they will take care of your family, of those you love the most. They will also remember your motto: seny, pit i collons.

I had the chance to talk to you shortly before you began your deep and eternal slumber. It was probably the best and also the worst conversation I had in my life. And I thank you so much for sharing with me some of your last moments and for helping me understand the excessive importance we give to unimportant things, which do nothing else but fill our ego.

I will never forget having the chance to say goodbye to you, knowing that one day we will see each other again. Until then, accept a kiss from one among the many who love you.


- Sandro Rosell, in an open letter to Tito published in today’s newspaper La Vanguardia. (via tito-vilanova)